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Don’t Overpay for your Catholic Funeral!

As Catholics, we learn about our faith in many different settings. One of the things we don’t learn is how to be an “educated consumer” when it comes to deciding on which funeral home (funeral service and/or cremation service) to use when the death of someone we love occurs.

Most decisions regarding “which funeral home” we should use are made with just a few simple criteria in a very short space of time!

  1. Previous experience: has our family or someone we know used them before?
  2. Can they accommodate our needs: are they familiar with my faith, close to my house, church, cemetery?
  3. Can they work within my budget: can I afford what they charge?

While criteria 1 & 2 are important, increasingly number 3 becomes an overriding factor. The problem becomes more evident as we forego traditional services of the past due to higher costs than we anticipate and are forced to choose cremation because we don’t know anything different, or have not asked the proper questions.

The Catholic Burial Plan hopes to help with all of these issues.

Pay one-half to one-third of what most “traditional” funeral homes charge with The Catholic Burial Plan participating funeral homes.

You read that correctly! 50% off or more than what most funeral homes charge! That can be for services rendered either immediately (because a death has occurred) or on a pre-planning basis.

We have developed an exclusive price-tracking database that compares service for service between 92 of the top funeral homes in Maricopa County Arizona. (see below)



All you have to do is click the box below to set up your appointment to see this comparison either in the comfort of your home or in one of our many area wide offices.

Don’t deny yourself complete funeral services, for the same price many providers ask for cremation!

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