Catholic Burial Plan

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Our consultants meet with people every day who don’t like to talk about death. Fortunately, however, some of these people are able to reach down deep inside themselves and find the courage they need. They are strong enough to assume that sense of responsibility which sets them apart from those who choose to ignore a reality that none of us can predict, avoid or postpone.

Over the years, our staff has learned a lot by watching the eyes of the bereaved families at funerals. All of these families show grief, but some also show uncertainty, while others seem to reflect peace of mind and thankful appreciation.

The difference between uncertainty and peace of mind lies in this question:

“Did the family care enough for each other to assure them of a peaceful memory when death occurred?”

This lasting memory of peace during a terrible moment seems to help erase from the surviving family’s minds unintentional mistakes and hurts that accumulated during life and it makes things right with those he or she loved. That feeling will last for the rest of their lives. Certainly no one would want to deny their family that feeling after they are gone.

How antithetical it would be to have faithfully followed the teachings of our Catholic Church for 70, 80 or 90+ years and not receive our vigil and funeral mass as we appear before our parish altar one last time?

As fellow Catholics, our professional consultants have the knowledge and ability to address specific cemetery, funeral and cremation principles as taught by our faith. Contact us now to find out how you can learn more about affordable monthly programs that can accomplish complete pre-planning of all your Catholic burial needs.