Catholic Burial Plan

Plan Funeral

The Funeral Rite as outlined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church calls for the completion of all three stages within this Rite: The Vigil, The Funeral Mass, and The Committal in Sacred Ground. The Catechism points to the Order of Christian Funerals (OCF) which gives “three types of funeral celebrations, corresponding to the places in which they are conducted (the home, the church, and the cemetery)”.

Depending on where someone lives, local traditions as to the length and commitment to each level of the Funeral Rite (ie; 3 night Vigils vs. 1 night or even just 2 hours before the funeral mass at church), generally dictate an average, or typical expense for the entire funeral process. Our goal at the Catholic Burial Plan is to counsel each of our client families on all of the options available to them from a variety of funeral service organizations.

Our experience with nearly 30 years of helping families plan for these steps will ensure your wishes can be addressed in a fashion most affordable now, while being convenient as well as comforting to your loved ones later. Countless numbers of local families have offered testimonials indicating their surprise when finding out how much money can be saved when planning ahead and knowing all of their options.

We take great pride in hearing them recount the substantial sums that were saved by knowing the pricing structure of 10 or 20 different funeral homes in their area, and what they charged for identical services and merchandise.

Our Catholic Burial Plan consultants are truly advocates for our client families. While staying true to the teachings of the church, we attempt to match the services with convenience for your family that you desire. Our hope is to accomplish all of this within a level of affordability that’s right for you.