Catholic Burial Plan

About The Catholic Burial Plan

The Catholic Burial Plan Offers All-Inclusive Pre-Arrangements

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The Catholic Burial Plan strives to educate all Catholic families on its “mission to bury the dead with dignity and respect; comfort the living with compassion and concern; and provide sacred space for remembering”. This process begins with the end in mind, by offering information that allows your family the opportunity to first select its final resting place, be it ground burial, mausoleum entombment or cremation. Once this part of the decision making process is accomplished, additional insight is offered on the most practical and affordable way to accomplish planning in advance for your funeral.

Our efforts to incorporate this personalized educational program come at a time when Catholic families throughout the country continue to choose cremation as an option for final disposition. While cremation is certainly an option available to all Catholic families, what happens to those ashes after the cremation is often misunderstood. As an example, keeping cremated remains in your home or the home of a friend, scattering the ashes, or mixing the ashes with those of another is most definitely against the teachings of the Church. 

While few Catholics have a complete understanding of these requirements, even fewer understand that the cremation spoken of in this context is to occur only after the full body has been present at the Vigil and Funeral Mass.


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