Catholic Burial Plan

Plan Cremation

YES….cremation is allowed by the Catholic Church. Preferably “after” the funeral mass.

NO….you may not scatter cremated remains, separate cremated remains to place in jewelry or multiple containers and, you may not keep the cremated remains at home. They must be committed to sacred ground. PERIOD!

“Non-church” organizations (ie; funeral homes) present “nuanced” solutions for church burial guidelines to Catholic families everywhere, on a daily basis. A variety of pricing options and “funeral packages” are offered along with the services rendered by these funeral homes as well.

We know these multiple pricing options are confusing to Catholic families, particularly when keeping true to the teachings of the Catholic faith. They are especially confusing when you are trying to make these arrangements in the hours immediately after a death and when multiple financial options are presented alongside.

Representatives from the Catholic Burial Plan are available anytime, either in our various local offices, or, in the comfort of your own home, to review every option available to allow you to handle these important decisions in a stress free environment. Appointments can be made on a pre-arrangement basis or when an immediate need occurs.